We provide a service to both residential and commercial customers as specialists in brickwork and stonework repointing and repairs.

We are highly skilled re-pointing specialists for all types of brick and stone restoration. We deal with chimney repairs, crack repairs, structural repairs and brick and stone cleaning for the removal of carbon deposits, paint and graffiti.

Repointing works will include mechanically raking out existing mortar joints, surface cleaning brick work and replacing damaged bricks and repointing brickwork joints.

We also replace cavity wall ties which are metal strips or bars built into the cavity walls as a building is constructed, to hold the masonry together. Wall ties are essential to the safety and stability of all cavity walls.

Cavity wall tie corrosion occurs when the wall ties embedded in a wall corrode because their protective coating breaks down. This can seriously damage external walls and could, in some cases, make a building unstable.


This is a short list of thing's we can do:

  • Structural Repairs
  • Cavity Wall Ties
  • Repointed and Sealed
  • Roofs Cleaned
  • Chimney Repairs
  • Walls and Patios Repointed